My Ideals

Become food self sufficient

Mulch it more!

No cost/low cost alternatives

  • Plant seeds from plants you’ve eaten (almost all my fruit trees)
  • Use your land resources for borders or bed building
  • Mulch with your grass clippings/palm leaves/cut plant matter
  • Compost from your plants/animals
  • Propagate plants from yours before they finish their life-cycle

Use your resources/terrain

  • Dead Trees
    • Borders
    • Slow release of nutrients if placed in garden beds
    • Mulch if debarked/chipped
  • Lava Rocks
    • Borders
    • Plant holder-uppers

Start small

  • Start with one garden bed that you can maintain and don’t start multiple beds you cannot maintain
  • Don’t clear areas unless you have plans that you will start right away and will maintain
  • Careful those weedy plants grow fast!

Research plants before planting

  • Pick the right spot for them, sun tolerances, size at maturity, shape, planting distance etc.

Plant starches and super plants first

  • Since starches and perennial plants take time to establish themselves plant them early
    • Sweet potato, cassava, yams, taro
    • Turmeric, ginger
    • Choko (Sechium edule), winged bean, moringa, gotu kola (Centella asiatica)
    • Papaya, banana, breadfruit

Eat what grows

  • I love stone fruits (plums, apricots, peaches), onion bulbs, garlic and many other things that will not grow in my climate. So I’m learning to live with replacements
    • I can grow green onions, chives or leeks
    • I can grow society garlic and garlic chives

Plant native plants

  • It’s a sad reality that native plants are being displaced. Help them out by creating spots for their natural beauty in your garden

Never plant invasive plants!

  • It’s not worth it to sacrifice the native ecology

Plant carefree hardy plants

  • I can plant cassava and forget about it completely, and come back to it ready to harvest leaves or roots months later.

Plant beans everywhere!

  • They fix nitrogen and if I forget to harvest them it will reseed and I’ll have more plants later

Get creative

    • Too many of a single fruit? Preserve it so you can eat it when the plant isn’t producing!

The possibilities are endless – get creative and teach someone your tips

Minimize waste/recycle/upcycle

  • I put paper product waste in my garden. If its glossy and inked I will place it under a path for weed suppression. If it seems nontoxic I will use it for weed suppression in my garden beds
  • Got spare wood around from another project? Build borders for planters or beds, build a garden table, build a solar dehydrator for food preservation