Aloha! I’m Spencer! This blog is designed to help encourage and educate people to grow their own staple foods in the tropics without much money. If you live in the tropics you can grow most of your diet effortlessly within a few months! Planting your starches early insures food security. Starches include: taro, sweet potato, cassava, banana, and yams. These all produce within a year and produce abundantly for many years with minimal efforts. Next plant your perennial vegetable crops and you’re well on your way to sufficiency!

I live on the big island of Hawai’i in the Puna and South Hilo districts. This blog will focus on these regions particularly, however, following the same methods in your tropical region should produce similar results.

Check out my new instagram account where I will be educating and focusing on repairing old degraded sugarcane land and turning it back into a lush agroforestry system based upon successional agroforestry ideologies.

This is simply my observations and experiences in a tropical environment. If you have any tips or ideas for me to try I would really enjoy receiving the feedback!



We love coconut!